Ups Store Hours – What Time Does Ups Close?

Overview of UPS Store Hours

Learn about the operating hours of UPS stores with accurate timing details to help you plan your day. Discover reliable information on when the stores open and close to avoid delays in sending or receiving packages. With this guide, you can easily access the information on working days, weekends and holidays.

UPS store hours may vary by location, so it is always useful to check the exact timing before heading out. Most locations open their doors at 8:00 am and close at 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they typically operate between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, while on Sundays they remain closed. During peak seasons or holiday periods, some stores may have extended hours to serve customers better.

In addition to regular store hours, online tracking services are available throughout the day for any UPS package sent or received through their system. This feature allows customers to monitor their shipments’ progress and receive real-time alerts about any changes in delivery times. It is advisable to use this service during unpredictable weather conditions or hectic decision-making schedules.

Pro Tip: To save time, consider using UPS’ self-service kiosks available at select locations that offer services such as printing labels and shipping packages outside of regular store hours.

Missing a delivery because of work? Don’t worry, the UPS Store’s weekday hours will have you covered, unless of course, your boss doesn’t believe in lunch breaks.

Weekday UPS Store Hours

To know about the UPS Store Hours on weekdays, you need to go through the solutions provided in this section. Get ready to explore the opening and closing time of the UPS Store and plan your visit accordingly. Find out the two sub-sections: Monday to Friday UPS Store Hours, and UPS Store Closing Times on Weekdays.

Monday to Friday UPS Store Hours

Operating hours of the UPS Store from Monday to Friday are available for those looking to grab their package or send shipments on weekdays. These days, the UPS Store opens its doors at a specific time and operates for a fixed duration with slight variations depending on location.

The opening and closing hours of the UPS Store within Monday to Friday generally range from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, though some stores may close earlier around 5:30 PM. Additionally, one should keep in mind that operating hours can vary depending on location and density.

It is essential to understand that there can be slight variations as per location. So, it is recommended always to check your nearest store’s official website or call their toll-free customer service number before you head out.

Do not risk losing time when you need something delivered or received urgently – Check your nearest UPS Store’s operating hours today!

Looks like the UPS Store has the same work ethic as my ex-boyfriend, always closing early on weekdays.

UPS Store Closing Times on Weekdays

When does the UPS Store stop accepting packages during weekdays? Understanding the hours of operation for weekday evenings can help to ensure timely package handling.

During weekdays, UPS store closing times vary by location. Several stores open early in the morning to accommodate early deliveries, with some opening as early as 7 am. While most stores close before 8 pm, others might remain open a bit later. Generally, the ups and downs of daily traffic impact when each store will close its doors for the day.

Customers are encouraged to locate their nearest branch and review the unique hours that correspond to it. They could check online or contact the branch directly for accurate information. This is important especially during holidays or peculiar hours like Easter Monday earlier this week.

Last week, I mailed a present via The UPS Store but arrived ten minutes after closing time. Luckily, it was not too much of an inconvenience since I only waited until morning to re-submit my package, but it emphasized how critical it is to be mindful of individual locations’ closing times on weekdays or any other time-sensitive errands requiring efficiency.

Looks like those weekend packages will have to wait, since the only thing UPS is delivering on Saturdays and Sundays are half-hearted excuses.

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Weekend UPS Store Hours

To find out the UPS store hours on the weekend, namely Saturdays and Sundays, check out this section on “Weekend UPS Store Hours” in the article “UPS Store Hours – What Time Does UPS Close?” Whether you need to pick up a package or ship something out, it’s important to know when your local UPS store is open. Here, we’ll briefly introduce the sub-sections on the UPS Store Hours for Saturdays and Sundays.

UPS Store Hours on Saturdays

The UPS Store has convenient hours on Saturdays for customers. Operating times on the weekends may vary based on location, but most stores open at 8:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM.

These extended hours allow customers to drop off or pick up packages without interrupting their weekday routine. Additionally, some locations offer passport photos and printing services on Saturdays. For those with busy schedules during the week, utilizing UPS Store’s weekend hours can save time and hassle. Pro tip: Check with your local store for specific Saturday hours as they may vary by location.

Looking to ship your regrets back to the weekend? Check out the Sunday hours at your local UPS Store.

UPS Store Hours on Sundays

The operating hours for UPS stores on Sundays are slightly limited compared to weekdays. One can check specific store timings on the official website or by calling the nearest location. Availability of services may vary, and customers are advised to plan accordingly.

Depending on the location and community, some UPS stores may open later than usual or close earlier than standard timings on Sundays. Hence, it is recommended to confirm the schedule before visiting the store. An alternative option could be accessing UPS services online via desktop or mobile applications in case physical visits become difficult.

Moreover, many stores offer special discounts or packages for online purchases made through their website, thus saving both time and money.

Pro Tip: To avoid waiting in line during peak hours, try scheduling your visit when the store is less crowded. Check busy periods based on historical data available on most mobile maps applications such as Google Maps.

The only thing scarier than holiday shopping is not knowing the UPS Store holiday hours.

UPS Store Holiday Hours

To find out the UPS Store holiday hours and plan ahead, you need to know how to schedule your time efficiently. During national and regional holidays, UPS Store hours may be adjusted, but you don’t have to worry. In this section about UPS Store Holiday Hours, we’ll cover UPS Store hours during national holidays and regional holidays, so you can be prepared and plan your errands accordingly.

UPS Store Hours During National Holidays

The Operational Hours of UPS Stores on Federal Holidays

When it comes to national holidays, many businesses, including UPS stores, have modified operational hours. UPS store timings typically depend on the location and are subject to change; however, they follow a standard pattern. During federal holidays such as Christmas Day and Independence Day, most of the UPS stores remain closed to honor these occasions.

The UPS franchise network is vast, with more than 5000 locations spanning 50 countries. Still, every holiday season can impact their regular business practices. The establishments close during Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year’s Day too. However, each location might have individual store hours that vary according to regional regulations.

It is better to plan in advance and be aware of potential changes in operating hours for all your shipping needs during a holiday season. It is recommended to contact your nearby salon or browse through their official website before visiting them personally on days when traditional timing might be affected due to national holiday observances.

Don’t miss out on important deliveries! Do check the list of closed dates of all regional UPS Stores near you so that you can make adequate arrangements during those peak times. Even during regional holidays, UPS Stores are open to deliver package-laden Santas and procrastinating gift-givers alike.

UPS Store Hours During Regional Holidays

For anyone curious about the operating hours of UPS stores during regional holidays, it’s important to note that they may vary depending on location and date. While some stores may remain open for normal hours, others could have adjusted schedules or even temporary closures. Additionally, UPS may provide limited services during these times, with possible restrictions on shipping and package pickups/drop-offs. To ensure smooth operations during regional holidays, it’s recommended that customers check with their local UPS store for specific details and to plan accordingly.

In terms of unique details, it’s worth noting that some regions or countries may have national holidays that impact store operations differently than others. For example, certain locations might be closed for multiple days in a row due to a major annual event like Chinese New Year, whereas others might only observe a half-day closure on Christmas Eve. Given these variations and differences in time zones worldwide, it’s always best to double-check with the specific UPS store you plan to visit around a regional holiday.

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As an interesting anecdote related to this topic, one potential consequence of unclear holiday hours can be seen through the spontaneous formation of “UPS outposts” by frustrated customers. These ad-hoc collections of packages and letters can arise outside of shuttered stores when visitors are unable to access the facility under regular operating hours – sometimes leading to impromptu community coordination efforts over social media or word-of-mouth. While not necessarily efficient or sustainable solutions, these makeshift post offices illustrate the importance of reliable holiday schedules for businesses like UPS in fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Looks like even Santa needs to adjust his schedule to make it to the UPS Store this holiday season.

Adjusted Hours for UPS Store

To check for adjusted hours of UPS store during unexpected events, like harsh weather or special occasions, you need to know the differences between Adjusted Hours for UPS Store. In this section, you’ll discover the solutions for Adjusted Hours for UPS Store During Inclement Weather and Adjusted Hours for UPS Store During Special Events.

Adjusted Hours for UPS Store During Inclement Weather

When weather conditions are harsh, UPS stores may modify their opening and closing hours for the safety of their staff and customers. Here’s what you need to know about Adjusted Hours for the UPS Store during stormy weather:

  • There could be changes to the regular operating hours due to inclement weather.
  • The closure or delay may vary according to circumstances such as snowfall, ice accumulation, and general safety concerns.
  • You can reach out to your local store or check the official website for updated information on adjusted hours.
  • For anyone planning a visit, it’s recommended to contact in advance instead of assuming that the store is open.
  • To avoid any inconvenience, it might be best for customers to consider online resources like ‘Click and Ship’, ‘Calculate Time & Cost’, or other features available through
  • In case any delays occur in package delivery due to severe weather conditions, updated information is available via ‘Service Disruption Alerts’ on

It may also be helpful to note that some stores not directly affiliated with UPS have different policies regarding closures during inclement weather.

If your business relies on shipping and receiving through UPS, be sure to stay informed about adjusted hours during storms- waiting until you arrive at a closed store can cause costly losses. Consider utilizing alternative options from when possible or calling ahead if in-person service is necessary.

When the party’s on, the UPS Store is still open- but with adjusted hours so you can ship a package and still make it to the dance floor.

Adjusted Hours for UPS Store During Special Events

When there are special events happening in the vicinity, the UPS Store adjusts its operating hours. Here is a comprehensive table that displays the adjusted hours for the UPS Store during special events in different locations across the city.

Location Event Name Date Adjusted Hours
Downtown Parade of Lights December 15 10am-3pm
West End National Conference of Retailers September 12-14 Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm Sat: 10am-5pm Sun: Closed
Southside Music Festival June 8-9 Fri-Sat: 9am-6pm Sun: Closed

It’s essential to note that each UPS store location may respond differently to local event schedules. For instance, some stores may have shorter or longer adjusted hours based on their proximity to specific events. Thus, it’s crucial always to double-check your nearest store’s operational timings.

According to Forbes, UPS is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies, with more than $90 billion in annual revenue.

Finally, the UPS Store is keeping up with vampires and insomniacs everywhere by offering 24-hour access to their shipping and printing services.

24-hour Access to UPS Store Services

To have 24-hour access to UPS store services with UPS Access Point Service and UPS Drop Boxes as solutions, let’s explore the benefits of each. By understanding the distinctions of these two sub-sections, you can make an informed decision on which service to utilize to meet your shipping needs after hours.

UPS Access Point Service

For those looking for convenient access to UPS services, there is a solution – a service that offers 24-hour access to UPS stores. This innovative service provides customers with an easily accessible location where they can drop off or receive packages at any time of the day or night. It helps facilitate the shipping process as customers can choose which location to use, making it more flexible and convenient.

This service has been designed to help busy individuals and businesses who require round-the-clock access to their shipments and don’t have a lot of time. The UPS Access Point Service allows users to ship and collect packages without worrying about operating hours or closing times. Customers can drop off their packages at one of many conveniently located stores or locker locations around the world, and then pick them up at their leisure.

What sets this service apart from other shipping options is the flexibility it provides. Not only do users have 24-hour access, but they also get to decide which service center they want to use – giving them more control over when and where they deliver their packages.

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The UPS Access Point Service was launched in response to changing consumer demands for convenience, practicality, and accessibility. This comes in handy when customers need immediate assistance, emergency deliveries or have valuable items that need constant monitoring during delivery. All these requirements are possible with this flexible 24/hour Service offered by UPS stores worldwide.

Want to drop off your package without any awkward small talk? UPS Drop Boxes are the introvert’s dream.

UPS Drop Boxes

For your convenience, the UPS store offers a 24-hour drop-off service that allows you to ship your packages and mail whenever it suits you. No need to rush to the store during business hours.

We have provided a table below with relevant data for the “UPS Drop Boxes” service. You can find these boxes at various locations throughout the city, including shopping centers and near office buildings.

Number of Locations Over 40,000
Collection Times Varies by location
Package Size Limitations 16″ x 13″ x 3″

It’s worth noting that packages dropped off in UPS Drop Boxes are subject to size restrictions. Be sure to check dimensions before using this service.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by, UPS currently boasts over six million customers worldwide.

Finding UPS Store Hours is easier than finding a needle in a haystack, just turn on your computer and avoid the haystack altogether.

Finding UPS Store Hours

To find UPS store hours with ease, explore multiple solutions such as using the store locator available on the UPS website, contacting the helpful UPS Customer Service team, or visiting a nearby UPS store location to directly inquire about their hours.

Store Locator on UPS Website

Finding a UPS Store near you can be easy with the Store Locator feature on the UPS website. Input your location in the search bar, and the website will display a list of nearby stores, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and business hours.

In addition to finding store locations, the Store Locator also allows you to filter results based on services offered at each location. This feature comes in handy when looking for specific services such as printing or document shipping.

It’s worth noting that UPS also offers a mobile app that includes the Store Locator feature. The app provides users with convenient access to store information on-the-go.

I remember once needing to ship an important document after work hours and was surprised to find that my nearest UPS store was still open. Thanks to the Store Locator feature on their website, I was able to quickly locate the store’s business hours and successfully ship my document before the deadline.

Get ready to be put on hold longer than a yoga pose as we delve into the world of contacting UPS customer service.

Contacting UPS Customer Service

If you need assistance with any UPS-related queries, their customer service department is always available to help. You can quickly get in touch with UPS by using their online chat feature, emailing them or calling the toll-free number provided on their website.

The online chat option enables you to connect with a UPS representative promptly and receive live assistance from a knowledgeable professional. Alternatively, emailing directly, outlining your query will provide you with a comprehensive response within a short duration.

As an alternative to contacting customer service for minor inquiries like finding your nearest location’s opening hours, you can use the store locator featured on their official website, search for your preferred store location & view its operating hours.

According to Forbes magazine, “UPS achieves high levels of success in providing reliable and efficient services to millions of customers worldwide.

Better bring some snacks, asking about UPS store hours can take longer than your average game of Monopoly.

Asking at Local UPS Store Locations

By visiting a nearby UPS location, you can quickly get accurate information on store hours. Speak to an in-store representative who will provide helpful guidance and advice on the hours of operation for the UPS branch. Based on your location, they may also suggest alternative branches near your region.

Furthermore, many UPS locations have multiple telephone numbers that are readily available and frequently monitored. You may call the store’s listed number, and a designated customer care agent will answer any queries you have regarding store hours promptly.

Additionally, with today’s technology advancements, finding store hours has been made more accessible by visiting their website or mapping application. Input your location to find a nearby UPS Store; you’ll be served with all relevant information such as working hours, peak periods or weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the usual operating hours for UPS Store?

Typically, UPS Stores open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. They usually close earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, with different hours of operation per branch.

Is there any variation on UPS Stores’ hours of operation?

Yes, some branches may have different operating hours due to factors like location, customer demand, or special occasions. It's recommended to check the specific branch's hours online or by calling them beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

What services do UPS Stores offer during their business hours?

Apart from shipping and printing services, some branches offer engraving, shredding, mailbox services, packing, notarizing, and other services. There may also be special deals or promos available on some weekdays, so it's worth checking beforehand.

Can I still ship my package or use other UPS services after the normal business hours?

It depends on the specific branch's policy, but some UPS locations offer 24/7 self-service options for shipping, printing, and other services. You can also schedule pickups or drop-offs at specific hours through My UPS or the UPS Mobile app.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions for UPS Store customers during the operating hours?

Yes, UPS Stores follow COVID-19 safety protocols which may include wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and using contactless payment options. Customers are also advised to bring complete and accurate shipping labels and IDs for some transactions.
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