Huntington Bank Hours | What Time Does Huntington Bank Close-Open?

Have you ever heard of Huntington Bank? It’s a pretty big bank from Columbus, Ohio. Let’s find out when they’re open and a little bit about them!

A Little Bit About Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank is like a big umbrella company, and one of its parts is called “The Huntington National Bank.” They were ranked 33rd in the list of biggest banks last year. Cool, right?

This bank doesn’t just stay in Ohio. They’re in many places like Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. They help people save money, give loans, and do lots of other bank stuff. And guess what? They’ve made it super easy for folks to put money in their accounts without even using envelopes. Plus, if you have a mobile phone, you can deposit money using it. How futuristic!

They’re growing fast and have lots of offices where machines can help you anytime, day or night. Plus, they’ve got over 12,000 people working for them. If you’re looking for a bank that really cares about its customers, you might want to know when they’re open. Let’s check out their timings below.

Huntington Bank’s Weekly Schedule

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Remember, these times might change depending on where you are.

Weekend Hours? Not Really!

Most banks in the U.S., including Huntington, are open during weekdays, but weekends are a different story. They’re usually open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Some banks open for a short time on Saturdays, but Huntington Bank takes a break during the whole weekend. So, if you were planning a Saturday bank visit, you might want to change your plans!

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If you’re wondering about the timings of a Huntington Bank near you, you’ll have to check their website or give them a call. They’ll help you out!

I hope this helps! Remember, always check with your local bank branch for exact timings!

Finding Out When Huntington Bank is Open

Do you want to know when the Huntington Bank near you is open? Let me guide you step-by-step!

Using the Huntington Bank Finder

The best way to know the timings of a Huntington Bank near you is by using their official tool called the “branch locator.” Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to their Branch Locator: First, you’ll need to visit the Huntington Bank’s branch locator webpage. I can’t give you a clickable link here, but you can easily search for “Huntington Bank branch locator” in your favorite search engine, and it should pop right up.
  2. Enter Your Info: Once you’re there, you’ll see a search bar. Type in where you live. It could be your address, city, state, or even just the zip code.
  3. Use Filters if You Need: Do you want a specific type of service, like an ATM or a certain branch? If yes, make sure to select those options so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. See the Results: After that, hit the search button! You’ll then see a list of Huntington Bank branches near you. Not only will you find out when they’re open, but you’ll also see their addresses, phone numbers, and even ATM timings. Cool, right?

A Little Reminder

Our table gives you a general idea of when the main part of the bank (called the “lobby”) is open. But hey, if you’re using an ATM or the drive-thru, you might get some extra time because they usually stay open longer. Just remember, each branch can be a bit different, so always check their specific timings.

That’s it! Now, you know how to find out when Huntington Bank is open. Go ahead and give it a try!

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Using Google Maps to Find Huntington Bank Hours

Ever used Google Maps? It’s a super-easy tool that can help you find when Huntington Bank is open near you. Let me show you how!

Step-by-Step on Google Maps

  1. Visit Google: Head over to Google’s main website. You know, the one where you search for stuff!
  2. Click on Maps: Once you’re there, look up near the top for a tab called “Maps.” Click on that.
  3. Search for Huntington Bank: In the search bar on Maps, type in “Huntington Bank” and hit enter. It’ll show you all the Huntington Bank locations around you.

Extra Cool Info!

On Google Maps, you won’t just see when the bank is open. You can also:

  • See the bank’s address (so you know where to go).
  • Get directions (so you don’t get lost).
  • Read reviews from other people (to know what they think).
  • Find out their phone number (in case you want to call).
  • See specific branch hours (because sometimes they’re different).

Shortcut Tip!

If you’re using a website or app that has a map, just click on the little red pins or markers. Each of those represents a Huntington Bank branch. Clicking on them gives you all the details for that specific branch.

And that’s it! Simple, right? Now you have a new trick up your sleeve to find out when Huntington Bank (or any other place) is open using Google Maps. Happy searching!

Using the Huntington Bank Mobile App

Are you always on the move and want to know when Huntington Bank is open without all the fuss? Well, guess what? Huntington Bank has a super cool app just for you!

Why Use the App?

The Huntington Bank mobile app is like having the bank right in your pocket. It’s perfect for those busy days when you don’t have time to search on the computer or ask someone.

Where to Get the App

You can download this app for free! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you’re covered. Just head over to the “App Store” if you have an iPhone or “Google Play” if you have an Android. Search for “Huntington Bank,” and voila! Click on download, and you’re set.

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Cool Stuff You Can Do with the App

This app isn’t just about bank hours. Oh no! It’s packed with features. With the app, you can:

  • Quickly peek at your account (so you know how much of your allowance is left!).
  • Pay those pesky bills (or watch as your parents do).
  • Look at monthly statements (to see where all the money went).
  • Move money around (like if you want to save for that new video game).

And that’s not all! There’s so much more you can explore once you have the app.

Now you’re all set! With the Huntington Bank app, you’ve got a mini bank right in your hands. Happy banking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regular business hours for Huntington Bank?

Huntington Bank typically operates between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Thursday. They extend their working hours up to 6:00 PM on Friday and till noon on Saturday.

What time does Huntington Bank open and close on weekdays?

Most of the Huntington Bank branches open at 9:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM between Monday to Thursday. However, on Fridays, the closing time is extended to 6:00 PM. The bank remains closed on Sundays.

What are Huntington Bank’s hours of operations during the weekend?

Huntington Bank branches open up on Saturdays at 9:00 AM and close by noon. The bank remains closed on Sundays, as well as several Federal holidays.

How to check the specific operating hours of a Huntington Bank branch nearby?

To find out the exact opening and closing time of Huntington Bank branches near you, you can check their official website, Alternatively, you can call on their customer care number, which is 1 (800) 480-2265, and inquire about the branch's working hours.

Can a Huntington Bank account owner perform transactions outside of regular business hours?

Yes, Huntington Bank offers 24/7 online banking facilities to their account holders. This means you can perform transactions, pay bills, and do other activities anytime on their website or mobile app.

Does Huntington Bank have any special hours of operations during holiday seasons?

Yes, Huntington Bank branches may have modified hours of operation during Federal holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. You can check the bank's website or call customer care to confirm the hours.
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