How to Create YouTube Content Strategies: A Guide for Small Businesses

As a business owner and a person who understands the internet, you know all about the power of YouTube. If you could harness even a fraction of their traffic, you could make a fortune. But before you can invest in a camera and some video editing software, there’s an all-too-common hurdle that your team has to figure out:

You’re not sure how to create YouTube content strategies that generate results.

How can you identify winning topics? Keep reading to learn how to generate content ideas for your company’s YouTube channel on autopilot.

1. Clarify Your Goals

As a business owner or key decision-maker, chances are that you aren’t looking to waste time and money on a YouTube channel. So this is your moment of truth.

Do you want to use YouTube as a revenue generator? Are you looking to sell a product? Is the goal to take market share from the competition?

Once you understand what you’re looking to do, finding and identifying the kind of laser-focused YouTube video topics that will make your business a digital marketing powerhouse is much easier.

2. Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Audience

Many people think that keyword planner tools are the ticket to creating excellent content on YouTube. And while it’s true that knowing the most searched topic on YouTube can go a long way, the secret sauce to being a wildly successful video content marketer is this:

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Walking a mile in your target demographic’s shoes would be best.

Let’s say you’re an e-commerce company selling home furnishings and decor. Sure, you could, and you probably should create product review videos. But if your target demographic is people who want to decorate their homes at an affordable price, you’ll want to ask, “If I was looking to decorate my new home, what kind of content would I be looking for?”.

Maybe a series on how to decorate a bedroom for less than $1,000 is in order. Or, if a lot of your buyers are college students, regular YouTube posts on dorm room decor could be the type of thing that catches your eye. As you go through your customer personas while doing this exercise, you’ll quickly find yourself coming up with top-notch YouTube video ideas on demand.

3. Create a Marketing Plan for Each Video

According to Tubefilter, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you want your videos to be seen, you must treat every video like a mini-launch with its associated digital marketing campaign.

Will you do a social media blast with each new upload? Are you going to promote your new videos to your customer email list? In today’s highly competitive YouTube landscape, you’ll need to take everything you know about marketing businesses online and use it to generate views for your videos.

Create YouTube Content Strategies With Ease

When YouTube first came online, anyone with a cute cat video and a camera had the potential to go viral. But today, marketing with YouTube requires a certain level of sophistication and planning. That’s why your business must be able to create YouTube content strategies that will give you a solid chance of success.

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