Hobby Lobby Holiday Hours – What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Or Open?

Hobby Lobby Holiday Hours

To find out the Hobby Lobby holiday hours, you need to know about the operating hours of the store. Dive into the section of Hobby Lobby holiday hours with an overview of Hobby Lobby as a solution. This overview will help you comprehend the sub-sections that follow.

Overview of Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a well-known American arts and crafts retail chain that provides an extensive range of products for various crafting purposes. Their products include items like knit and crochet supplies, jewelry-making supplies, fabrics, home decor, seasonal decor and much more. The company was founded in 1972 by David Green, and it now operates over 900 stores in the United States.

Hobby Lobby stores are typically closed on Sundays to allow their employees to spend time with their families. Moreover, they offer a wide range of artisanal products which can be perfect for anyone with a creative mindset. The store’s selection includes materials for painting, drawing, scrapbooking, woodworking, needlework and other crafting activities. Additionally, Hobby Lobby has become increasingly popular for their home decor options from kitchenware to framed art prints.

One unique feature of Hobby Lobby is the religious affiliation that governs its business practices. Company policies reflect Christian values such as maintaining honesty and integrity in all business dealings. As an example of Hobby Lobby’s ethical standards: In 2017 the company agreed to pay $3 million after falsely labeling items as being from ancient Iraq.

Even the busiest elves at the North Pole are jealous of Hobby Lobby’s extended holiday hours.

Operating Hours of Hobby Lobby

To plan your visit to Hobby Lobby with ease, we have got you covered with the operating hours of Hobby Lobby. Check out the regular store hours and holiday hours of Hobby Lobby through our sub-sections, to make sure you get the most out of your shopping experience.

Regular store hours

For those seeking Hobby Lobby’s store hours, their operating schedule follows a standard format. During the weekdays, stores are typically open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Saturdays, business hours run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Sundays, stores close one hour earlier at 6 p.m.

Hobby Lobby’s regular store hours may vary based on location and holidays observed, so it is recommended to check the local store website for any changes. Customers can also contact customer service for more details concerning operating schedules during national holidays.

In addition to checking the website or customer service, customers may benefit from signing up for email newsletters that provide information in advance regarding sales events and extended operational schedules during certain seasons like Christmas time and Easter.

By planning ahead and staying updated on any time changes via these multiple channels of communication provided by Hobby Lobby, navigating the timing of shopping or crafting sessions at their physical locations becomes effortless.

Even Santa knows Hobby Lobby’s holiday hours – they’re closed on Christmas Day.

Holiday hours

Hobby Lobby Festive Hours

Hobby Lobby’s operating hours may change during the festive season. Here are some essential details about their holiday schedule.

  • Holiday hours may vary by location, check for specific store timings on their website.
  • Most Hobby Lobby stores close for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.
  • Stores may remain open with limited hours during other holidays such as New Year’s Day and Labor Day.
  • They offer extended business hours closer to Christmas time than any other period during the year.
  • You can call their customer service line to ask about the holiday store timings or check their social media channels.
  • During holiday times you might expect higher demand. Plan accordingly to avoid potential delays in your purchases.
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In addition, it is important to note that Hobby Lobby remains closed on Sundays throughout the year. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, keep track of store-specific holiday schedules for an effortless shopping experience.

When shopping during busy periods like the festive season at Hobby Lobby, it is suggested to arrive early or plan ahead. Additionally, pre-ordering supplies could also be beneficial during peak times as they tend to sell out quickly. By doing so, shoppers can ensure they have enough time to complete their projects without having to make multiple visits to the store.

Finding out holiday hours shouldn’t require a map, a magnifying glass, and a crystal ball – thank goodness for the internet.

Ways to Find out Holiday Hours

To find out the holiday hours of Hobby Lobby, with various solutions available, use the Hobby Lobby website, Hobby Lobby app, social media pages of Hobby Lobby, or try contacting the local store.

Hobby Lobby website

The popular arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby’s web platform can be used to obtain accurate holiday hours. The website offers a comprehensive list of store locations, accompanied by their respective opening and closing hours during different holidays. Simply search for your nearest store on the website and check their schedules for any upcoming holidays to plan accordingly.

Apart from the online platform, Hobby Lobby customers can also use other helpful tools such as social media, email newsletters, and customer support services to inquire about holiday hours by directly contacting the organization. It is advisable to check with multiple sources before planning a visit during a particular holiday.

Pro Tip: To avoid any inconvenience, make sure to plan your purchases well in advance by checking the updated store hours on Hobby Lobby’s website or other reliable sources. Missing Hobby Lobby’s holiday hours is a bigger tragedy than running out of glitter mid-craft.

Hobby Lobby app

One way to find out the operating hours of Hobby Lobby is by using its digital platform. The AI-driven platform allows users to access relevant information about the store’s schedules, including holidays and special events. The platform is convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere, and provides an instant response to user inquiries.

Another great option is to call Hobby Lobby directly via their customer service line. They have a professional team ready to assist customers with their inquiries about store hours. This method can be particularly useful if you need more detailed information regarding holiday hours or for quick responses regarding stock availability.

It’s important to note that Hobby Lobby has different working hours during specific holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s eve. Checking their website or contacting their customer support will help you determine any changes made in holiday schedules.

According the official website of National Retail Federation, most stores are closed on Christmas Day, but remain open for extended periods throughout Thanksgiving week.

Checking Hobby Lobby’s social media pages for holiday hours is like trying to find a needle in a haystack made of glitter and craft supplies.

Social media pages of Hobby Lobby

Social media presence is an essential part of any business, and Hobby Lobby has a vibrant social media network. By exploring the social media pages of this craft store, you can obtain holiday hours and keep up with ongoing sales.

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Here are some highlights of Hobby Lobby’s Social Media pages:

  • Facebook: This platform has the most extensive following for Hobby Lobby, where they post details on holiday hours and provide exclusive sale previews.
  • Instagram: For those who prefer visual communication, Instagram is a great resource to check out their decorations and crafts.
  • Twitter: Hobby Lobby also maintains an active Twitter account, where they inform their followers of store-related news.
  • Pinterest: this social bookmarking site provides users with creative inspiration through DIY projects and home decor ideas.

Hobby Lobby’s social media pages contain valuable information for shoppers interested in finding festive hour schedules during holidays. Moreover, following them can even bring added discounts and promotional offers.

If you do not follow many brands on social media or find it tricky to navigate large amounts of information on platforms such as Instagram, it might be useful to make use of Hobby Lobby’s mobile app. With its straightforward interface containing all relevant information from holiday hours to product availability will solve your daily DIY needs.

Don’t bother calling the store. They’re probably on holiday time too and enjoying a Mai Tai on the beach.

Contacting the local store

To acquire the holiday hours of a store, one can get in touch with the local shop’s management through their phone number, email or social media accounts. Contacting local stores helps to gain accurate information about timing and working hours during special occasions. This approach is beneficial for people who prefer not to browse the web and obtain direct confirmation from store staff members.

Furthermore, while contacting the store, it is crucial to identify oneself as a customer straightforwardly. This way, any queries or confidential information related to the store can be provided without hesitation by management. It is always better to ask for assistance during non-peak hours as this increases the likelihood of being attended effectively by employees.

As an alternative, some local stores have automated call systems that provide details on holiday hours. One can listen carefully to all prompts and select one that offers holiday schedules. In contrast, those who follow their preferred stores on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can expect regular updates from them about events taking place at the store which include their holidays opening and closing schedule.

Historically speaking, contacting local stores have been a popular way of obtaining details about operation timings even before websites became mainstream sources of information. Although it requires effort on behalf of customers to seek out details instead of receiving them passively online, it provides a personalized level of service that is appreciated by many people even today.

Unfortunately, even holidays need exceptions, just to keep us on our toes and our frustration levels at an all-time high.

Exceptions to the Holiday Hours

To help you plan your shopping schedule during holidays, this section will explain the Exceptions to the Holiday Hours with respect to the article titled “Hobby Lobby Holiday Hours – What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Or Open?”. You will learn about the Special events and sales, as well as the Emergency situations that may affect the store’s hours during holidays.

Special events and sales

Special Promotions and Events are some of the most exciting and highly anticipated occurrences in any retail store. These events offer customers an opportunity to take advantage of unbeatable deals that are not available during regular business hours.

  • Release of New Products: Exciting new products are often released during special promoting events, where customers can get a first look and purchase at exclusive prices.
  • Seasonal Sales: Retailers commonly hold seasonal sales during festive seasons in the year, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to attract customers with irresistible discounts and offers.
  • Limited Time Offers: Special events also serve as a platform for limited, one-time deals or exclusive promotions on items such as clearance items or discontinued products.
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It is important to note that while these events may have unique sales prices, they may not necessarily follow the holiday trading hours that have been set up. Thus, it is essential to stay updated on individual stores’ timings via their websites or social media channels before making a visit.

On special occasion days like Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day, Promotional activities are usually featured with merchandise relevant to the event. Customers receive discounts upon purchases because they often buy such items as gifts for their loved ones. However, retailers might still enforce different trading schedules compared to Holiday hours.

Many retailers have reported having greatly successful promotional event experiences in recent years by using technology advancements and market data analysis strategies to appropriately tailor the needs in which conditions restrictions allowed them.

It is intriguing how far we’ve gone since the time when customary marketing was employed however technological evangelization has made it possible for massive online shopping exploitation giving favourability associated with promotions executed only once a year.

When it comes to emergency situations on holidays, it’s like a game of Russian roulette – except the only thing you’re risking is a ruined vacation.

Emergency situations

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, certain exceptions can be made to our holiday hours. For urgent situations beyond control, we may allow for extended working hours or make special arrangements to accommodate the needs of our clients.

We understand that emergencies can arise at any time and we are committed to providing our services in such times with efficiency and professionalism. To ensure timely assistance, clients are advised to reach out to us as soon as possible for us to make appropriate adjustments.

It is important to note that these exceptions are only applicable under exceptional circumstances and must be well justified as failure to do so might result in penalties.

Pro Tip: Keep a record of any communication between yourself and your client during this time as evidence for any future reference.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled holiday stress and panic.


If you’re wondering about Hobby Lobby’s holiday hours, we have you covered. The store typically opens at 9 am and closes at 8 pm on weekdays, with Sunday hours of 10 am to 7 pm. However, during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the store may operate on reduced hours or be closed entirely.

It’s always a good idea to check the store’s website or give them a call before heading out for holiday shopping to confirm their exact hours. In addition, be aware that some locations may have unique operating hours based on local regulations or other factors.

Ensure you plan ahead and get your shopping done early to avoid missing out on any holiday deals or finding the store closed when you arrive. Stay informed and enjoy stress-free holiday shopping at Hobby Lobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the normal Hobby Lobby holiday hours?

Hobby Lobby is usually closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday. On other holidays, their opening and closing times may vary, so it's best to check with your local store.

What time does Hobby Lobby open?

Most Hobby Lobby stores open at 9:00 AM on weekdays and Saturdays. However, some locations may have different opening times, so it's always a good idea to check with your local store.

What time does Hobby Lobby close?

Hobby Lobby stores typically close at 8:00 PM on weekdays and Saturdays. Again, individual store hours may vary, so it's best to check with your local store.

Does Hobby Lobby have extended holiday hours?

Yes, Hobby Lobby may extend their business hours during the holiday season, particularly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Be sure to check with your local store for details.

Can I shop online at Hobby Lobby during the holidays?

Yes, you can shop online at Hobby Lobby during the holidays. However, keep in mind that shipping times may be longer due to increased demand, so plan accordingly.

Are there any special deals or promotions during the holidays at Hobby Lobby?

Yes, Hobby Lobby often offers special deals and promotions during the holiday season, including discounts on select merchandise, free shipping, and more. Check their website or sign up for their email list to stay up-to-date on the latest offers.
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