How To Delete Doordash Dasher Account Permanently

Whether you’re simply exploring other career opportunities or you’ve had a change in personal circumstances, you might be considering quitting DoorDash. Whatever your reason may be, the process of discontinuing your work with DoorDash is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to quit DoorDash:

1. Determine Your Reason for Quitting

It’s essential to pinpoint the exact reason why you want to quit DoorDash. This can help you convey your thoughts clearly if you need to speak with DoorDash support or any other representative from the company.

2. Log Into Your Dasher App

  • Start by opening the Dasher app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Navigate to your profile or account settings, depending on the version of the app you’re using.

3. Contact DoorDash Support

While there isn’t a “Quit” button within the Dasher app, you’ll need to contact DoorDash Support to let them know of your decision.

  • Navigate to the “Help” or “Support” section within the Dasher app.
  • Choose the option that allows you to contact DoorDash directly. This may be via a chat, email, or a provided phone number.
  • Clearly convey to them your intent to quit and provide any necessary details they ask for.

4. Return Any DoorDash Equipment

If you have borrowed or rented any equipment from DoorDash, like the hot bags or the DoorDash card, ensure that you return them. DoorDash may have a specific location or process for equipment returns, so make sure to ask support or check any guidelines provided.

5. Settle Your Earnings

Before completely severing ties with DoorDash, ensure you’ve withdrawn or settled all of your earnings. This step ensures you don’t leave any money on the table.

6. Uninstall the Dasher App

Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps, you can go ahead and uninstall the Dasher app from your device to prevent any unintentional access.

7. Consider Leaving Feedback

If you had specific issues or challenges that prompted your decision to quit, consider sharing this feedback with DoorDash. Your insights could help improve the platform for other Dashers in the future.

8. Explore Other Opportunities

If you’re still interested in gig work or similar roles, there are plenty of other delivery and service platforms available. Research and explore options that align with your interests and schedule.

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Quitting DoorDash: An Overview

Whether it’s the allure of other opportunities or a shift in personal priorities, there might come a time when you decide to halt your association with DoorDash. While it’s crucial to provide a seamless delivery experience, there can be scenarios where canceling becomes inevitable.

Should I Quit or Just Stop Scheduling Dashes?

Deciding between taking a break and quitting the platform is a matter of personal choice, often shaped by your current situation:

  • Short Break: If you’re only looking to take a breather, simply not scheduling new dashes or not accepting any more orders can be a temporary solution. This way, you can return to dashing whenever you feel ready.
  • Long-Term Break or Quitting: If you foresee a prolonged absence from the platform or have decided that DoorDash doesn’t fit into your future plans, it might be more sensible to quit.

The choice is deeply personal. It’s about aligning your work with DoorDash to your life’s requirements and future goals. Analyze your situation and decide accordingly.

Completion Rates Matter

DoorDash emphasizes completion rates, which reflect the number of orders you finish against the ones you accept. Maintaining a good completion rate is crucial for staying in DoorDash’s good books. Remember, these rates only apply to orders you’ve accepted. If you don’t accept an order, it won’t impact your completion rate.

The Freedom of Being an Independent Contractor

One of the significant advantages of dashing with DoorDash is the freedom it offers. As an independent contractor, you have the liberty to work on your terms. This means you can choose your working hours, the frequency of orders you accept, and even take breaks as needed. The ball is in your court, and you can decide how much or how little you want to engage with the platform. This flexibility is what attracts many to the gig economy and platforms like DoorDash.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About DoorDash Schedules

This article will provide a comprehensive look at DoorDash’s scheduling system, helping you optimize your time and earnings on the platform.

Can You Quit DoorDash Anytime?

Yes, you absolutely can. DoorDash provides a great deal of flexibility to its dashers, recognizing them as independent contractors. If you decide that you want to discontinue working with DoorDash:

  • You can simply stop accepting new dashes without any formal quitting process.
  • If you wish to permanently delete your Dasher account, you can contact DoorDash support through the designated phone number provided for account-related queries. While DoorDash would be disappointed to lose a Dasher, their support team is professional and will guide you through the necessary steps for account deactivation.

For further details and clarity on how and under what conditions an account can be deactivated, it’s always a good idea to refer to the DoorDash deactivation policy on their official website.

Can DoorDash Fire You?

Technically speaking, as independent contractors, Dashers aren’t “fired” in the traditional sense. However, DoorDash can deactivate your account under certain circumstances:

  • Deactivation reasons: DoorDash might deactivate a Dasher’s account if there are consistent issues, such as failing to adhere to the acceptance rate policy, or other violations outlined in their guidelines and policies.
  • Protection against abrupt deactivation: DoorDash doesn’t just deactivate accounts on a whim. There’s usually a valid reason behind it, often stemming from a Dasher not abiding by certain platform policies.
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If you are committed to delivering orders efficiently, maintaining a decent completion rate, and respecting DoorDash’s guidelines, the chances of account deactivation are minimal. DoorDash values its Dashers and is keen to maintain a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Types of DoorDash Quitting

When it comes to DoorDash, “quitting” can take on various forms. Some Dashers might just want to cancel an order, while others may choose to leave the platform altogether. Here’s an overview:

1. Quitting a DoorDash Order

If you’ve accepted an order but need to cancel it for some reason:

  • Tap on the menu icon within the Dasher app.
  • Navigate through the app’s settings or options until you find the “Cancel Pickup” or a similar option.
  • Whether you’re using iOS or Android, there should be a clear way to un-accept the order.

2. Quitting DoorDash Entirely

If you’ve decided to stop working with DoorDash altogether:

  • Start by logging into your Dasher account either via the app on your smartphone or through a web browser.
  • Cancel any shifts or deliveries you’ve lined up. Just follow the on-screen instructions to clear all your upcoming shifts.
  • After ensuring you’ve wrapped up any pending commitments, contact DoorDash support to request the deletion of your Dasher account along with any personal data from their system.

Common Reasons for Quitting DoorDash

The reasons behind quitting DoorDash vary widely. Here are some typical reasons that lead individuals to stop working with or using DoorDash:

  • Shift in Employment: A Dasher might find full-time employment or might not need the supplemental income from DoorDash anymore.
  • Customer Preferences: Some customers might decide they no longer require their DoorDash subscription and opt to cancel services like Dashpass.
  • Management Challenges: The independence of being a Dasher can be a double-edged sword. Some find managing their own schedules and being their own bosses overwhelming or stressful.
  • Account Deactivation: Sometimes, Dashers might have their accounts deactivated by DoorDash due to a violation of the platform’s policies.

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to remember that individual needs and situations vary. DoorDash understands that circumstances change, and they aim to make the transition (either in or out) as smooth as possible for both Dashers and customers.

What Happens When You Quit DoorDash?

Leaving any job or service often comes with its set of questions. If you’re contemplating ending your association with DoorDash, here’s what you might want to know:

1. Do DoorDash Drivers Have a Noncompete?

Answer: No, DoorDash does not impose a non-compete clause on its drivers. This flexibility means many Dashers often juggle multiple delivery or rideshare services simultaneously to maximize their earning potential. This is a testament to the gig economy’s freedom, where workers can explore various platforms without contractual hindrances.

2. Does DoorDash Have An Exit Interview?

Answer: DoorDash does not conduct exit interviews for Dashers. The nature of the gig economy and the vast number of drivers associated with the platform makes this process impractical. However, if you are a full-time employee working in a different capacity for the company, such as in their IT department, the protocols might differ.

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3. What Happens to My Data?

Answer: Privacy is crucial. When you decide to quit DoorDash, you should contact DoorDash support to request account deactivation. Once this process is completed, your personal data—like your name, credit card details, and other payment methods—are safely removed or anonymized in DoorDash’s servers to ensure your privacy and data protection.

4. Can I Reapply for DoorDash After Quitting?

Answer: Yes, you can. If you have a change of heart or circumstance and decide to rejoin DoorDash, you will need to undergo the onboarding process again. This process typically involves a new background check, compliance with state employment laws, and a review of your driving records, ensuring you still meet the company’s standards.

How to Quit DoorDash

Whether you’re a customer looking to cancel an order or a Dasher contemplating leaving the platform, understanding the proper procedure ensures a hassle-free experience. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to quit DoorDash, depending on your specific circumstance.

1. How Do I Quit My DoorDash Order?

For Customers:

  • Open the DoorDash mobile app and navigate to the ‘orders’ tab.
  • Click on ‘help’.
  • From the given options, select ‘cancel order’ and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

The refund policy is as follows:

  • Full refund if neither the restaurant nor a Dasher has confirmed your order.
  • Partial refund if either the restaurant or a Dasher has been assigned your order.
  • No refund once the order has been prepared by the restaurant.

For Drivers:

  • If you’re assigned an order but can’t complete it, open the specific order in your Dasher app.
  • Click on ‘unassign this delivery’.
  • Before indicating you’ve picked up the order, select the reason for the unassignment.

2. How Do I Delete My DoorDash Driver Account?

  • Open your Dasher app.
  • If you’re in the middle of a delivery, select the “stop orders after this delivery” option. This ensures you aren’t given any additional orders for the day.
  • If you’ve scheduled yourself for upcoming shifts in future days, ensure you cancel those. Navigate to your schedule in the app or on the website and begin canceling your shifts.
  • Once you’ve cleared out all pending commitments, reach out to DoorDash’s account deactivation support. You’ll have to call their designated phone number to initiate the account deactivation process.

During this process:

  • DoorDash might ask a few questions to understand your reasons for leaving.
  • Following the deactivation, all your personal information associated with the account will be deleted for privacy and security reasons.
  • To avoid further notifications, you can unsubscribe from DoorDash’s email and text notifications.


DoorDash offers a convenient way for many to earn extra income through deliveries. However, when individuals choose to transition to other opportunities, DoorDash ensures a hassle-free experience for both customers and drivers. If you decide to step away from the platform, simply cancel any upcoming shifts and reach out to DoorDash to deactivate your account. They will also ensure your personal information is removed, prioritizing your privacy and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I delete my Doordash Dasher account permanently?

To delete your Doordash Dasher account permanently, you need to contact the Doordash support team. You can email them at [email protected] or call them at (844) 285-0248.

2. Can I delete my Doordash Dasher account through the app?

No, you cannot delete your Doordash Dasher account through the app. You need to contact the Doordash support team to delete your account.

3. What information do I need to provide to delete my Doordash Dasher account?

You need to provide your name, email address, and phone number that are associated with your Doordash Dasher account when you contact the Doordash support team to delete your account.

4. How long does it take to delete my Doordash Dasher account?

It usually takes a few business days to delete your Doordash Dasher account permanently. However, the exact time may vary depending on the Doordash support team's workload.

5. Will I receive any confirmation when my Doordash Dasher account is deleted?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from the Doordash support team when your account is deleted permanently.

6. Can I reactivate my Doordash Dasher account after deleting it?

No, you cannot reactivate your Doordash Dasher account once it is deleted permanently. You will need to create a new account if you want to work with Doordash as a Dasher.
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