Crumbl Cookies Prices & Menu In – [Updated List]

If you really love cookies and have a sweet tooth, you might be wondering, “How much do Crumbl Cookies cost?” Crumbl Cookies is a place known for making delicious cookies that are always changing, and people everywhere really love them.

Heading: Yummy Cookies at Crumbl Crumbl Cookies has some super special flavors of cookies, and they give you a lot of cookie for your money. These cookies at Crumbl are really popular. But, before you start eating them, it’s important to know how much money you’ll need to buy them.

Heading: Exploring the Prices In this article, we’re going to talk about how much Crumbl Cookies cost, especially if you want to get a bunch of cookies for a party. We’ll also find out why these cookies are worth spending your money on.

Heading: Let’s Get Cookie Answers So, whether you’re wondering about the price of just one cookie or a whole box of different flavors, let’s jump into the amazing world of Crumbl Cookies.

Heading: How Much Do Crumbl Cookies Cost? Now, let’s find out how much these tasty Crumbl Cookies cost!

Heading: Regular Crumbl Cookie Price A regular Crumbl Cookie, the big and delicious one, costs $4.25. That’s how much you need to enjoy the full-sized goodness of a Crumbl Cookie with all its yummy flavors!

Heading: Mini Crumbl Cookie Price If you prefer a smaller treat or want to try many flavors, a mini Crumbl Cookie is just $1.50 each. These little cookies are perfect for those who love bite-sized goodies and don’t want to spend too much money.

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Heading: Crumbl Cookie Packs for Parties and Sharing If you’re planning a party or just want to share the cookie joy, Crumbl Cookies has some great options for you:

Heading: Crumbl Cookie Party Box The Crumbl Cookie Party Box is awesome for parties, gatherings, or when you simply want a variety of cookies. You get 12 big, warm gourmet cookies in this box, and it costs $40.99.

Heading: Crumbl Cookie 4-Pack Box If you need cookies for a smaller group or just for yourself, the 4-Pack Box has 4 large warm gourmet cookies bursting with deliciousness. It’s priced at $16.49.

Heading: Crumbl Cookie 6-Pack Box For those moments when you want to share with friends or family, there’s the 6-Pack Box. You get 6 large warm gourmet cookies for $22.99.

Heading: Why Crumbl Cookies Are Special Crumbl Cookies are made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. They’re sure to make any event or special moment extra enjoyable. So, pick your favorite pack and treat yourself to some delicious cookie goodness today!

Heading: Crumbl Cookies Catering Menu Prices

Crumbl Cookies has a special menu for catering, and here’s what you need to know about the prices:

Heading: Cookie Sizes and Choices Crumbl Cookies gives you different options to choose from when it comes to flavors and sizes.

  • You can order the weekly flavors in two sizes: regular or mini. But, you need to get at least 50 cookies in your order.

Heading: Weekly Flavors Pricing

  • If you go for the weekly flavors, a regular-sized cookie costs $2.80, and a mini-sized cookie costs $1.25.
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Heading: Catering Flavors Pricing

  • Now, if you want the special catering flavors, you need to order a minimum of 100 cookies for each flavor.
  • The regular-sized catering flavors cost $280.00 for 100 cookies, and the mini-sized ones are priced at $125.00 for 100 cookies.

Heading: A Quick Summary Here’s a summary of the prices for Crumbl Cookies catering:

  • For regular-sized weekly flavors, it’s $2.80 per cookie.
  • For regular-sized catering flavors, it’s $280.00 for 100 cookies.
  • For mini-sized weekly flavors, it’s $1.25 per cookie.
  • For mini-sized catering flavors, it’s $125.00 for 100 cookies.

So, whether you’re planning a big event or just want some delicious cookies in bulk, Crumbl Cookies has got you covered with these catering options!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of Crumbl Cookies?

The prices of Crumbl Cookies vary depending on the location. To find out specific prices for your local Crumbl, visit their website or call the store.

What types of cookies does Crumbl offer?

Crumbl offers a rotating menu of specialty cookies, including classic chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter cookies, as well as creative flavors like raspberry cheesecake, s'mores, and cinnamon swirl.

Does Crumbl offer vegan or gluten-free options?

Yes, Crumbl offers vegan and gluten-free cookies. However, availability may vary by location.

Can I place a catering order with Crumbl?

Yes, Crumbl offers catering options for events and occasions. Contact your local Crumbl store for more information and to place an order.

What are the store hours for Crumbl?

Store hours for Crumbl vary by location. To find out the hours for your local store, visit their website or call the store directly.
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