Cracker Barrel Breakfast Hours – Price, Menu, Near By – What Time Does Cracker Barrel Stop Serving Breakfast

Cracker Barrel Breakfast Hours

To make the most out of your visit to Cracker Barrel, knowing their breakfast hours is essential. With this section, ‘Cracker Barrel Breakfast Hours’ with sub-sections ‘what time does Cracker Barrel start serving breakfast?’ and ‘what time does Cracker Barrel stop serving breakfast?’, you can plan your schedule accordingly and ensure that you arrive in time to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

What time does Cracker Barrel start serving breakfast?

Cracker Barrel’s breakfast hours are a popular topic among restaurant goers. The establishment typically starts serving breakfast at 6:00 am, but this may vary depending on the location. It is recommended to check with your local Cracker Barrel for their specific breakfast hours.

In addition to their standard breakfast menu, Cracker Barrel also offers a variety of seasonal items and specials. Their Southern-style cooking and homestyle dishes have made them a favorite among many.

If you’re looking for a cozy and inviting atmosphere to start your day, Cracker Barrel is a great option. Their breakfast options are sure to satisfy any craving, whether it be for sweet or savory flavors.

A regular patron shared that they have been visiting Cracker Barrel every Saturday morning for years and always appreciate the friendly service and delicious food.

Rise and shine or snooze and lose – find out when you need to roll out of bed for a Cracker Barrel breakfast before it’s too late!

What time does Cracker Barrel stop serving breakfast?

Cracker Barrel is known for its delicious breakfast, but you may be wondering when they stop serving it. The restaurant stops serving breakfast at 11:00 a.m. However, you can still order some items from the breakfast menu throughout the day.

If you’re an early riser or just love breakfast food, head to Cracker Barrel before 11 a.m. Their breakfast menu includes classic favorites like pancakes, eggs, and bacon. But even if you arrive after 11, don’t worry – you can still order dishes like waffles or biscuits and gravy.

It’s worth noting that the availability of certain breakfast items may vary depending on the location and time of day. Additionally, many Cracker Barrel restaurants also offer all-day breakfast options that go beyond the traditional morning fare.

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Fun fact: Cracker Barrel was founded in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. The first restaurant was originally built to resemble an old-fashioned general store, with antiques and other vintage items on display. Today, there are over 660 Cracker Barrel locations throughout the United States.

Rise and shine, it’s time to dine on Cracker Barrel’s breakfast divine!

Cracker Barrel Breakfast Menu

To explore the options for a delectable breakfast meal at Cracker Barrel, dive into the “Cracker Barrel Breakfast Menu” section. Discover the popular breakfast items, and check out healthier options to keep your diet on track.

What are the popular breakfast items at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel’s breakfast menu offers a diverse range of popular items that can satisfy different tastes and preferences. Plentiful choices include savory dishes like chicken fried steak and biscuits, country ham and eggs, as well as sweet treats like pancakes and waffles. Moreover, a variety of sides are available to accompany all dishes, such as hashbrown casserole and grits. Don’t forget to try their signature coffee too! A Pro Tip would be to arrive early on weekends to avoid long wait times.

Why bother with healthy options at Cracker Barrel when you can have a breakfast that’s packed with enough calories to power a freight train?

What are the healthy options available for breakfast at Cracker Barrel?

For individuals seeking a healthy breakfast alternative at Cracker Barrel, several options are available. These include low-calorie choices and nutritious combinations of proteins, grains, and fruits. Here are some suggestions to help you make healthier choices at Cracker Barrel.

  1. Opt for the Fresh Seasonal Fruit Plate, which provides an abundance of vitamins without the added processed sugar and calories.
  2. The Good Morning Breakfast is another great choice that includes two eggs, cheese grits, a side of turkey sausage or turkey bacon and whole wheat toast.
  3. For whole-grain options try out Steel Cut Oatmeal or Multigrain Toast with Whipped Honey Butter spread.

It’s also possible to request modifications for menu items to make them healthier. For example, you can ask for egg whites instead of regular eggs or choose lean protein sources such as grilled chicken breast or turkey sausage links.

By selecting these healthier substitutes and paying attention to portion control, you can enjoy a satisfying breakfast that aligns with your dietary goals without sacrificing taste or quality.

Who needs a mortgage when you can buy a Cracker Barrel breakfast for the same price?

Cracker Barrel Breakfast Prices

To know the approximate cost of a typical breakfast at Cracker Barrel with details on available deals and discounts, explore the section ‘Cracker Barrel Breakfast Prices’. This section covers all the sub-sections you need to understand the price range for breakfast items at this restaurant chain, including ‘How much does a typical breakfast cost at Cracker Barrel?’ and ‘Are there any deals or discounts available for breakfast at Cracker Barrel?’

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How much does a typical breakfast cost at Cracker Barrel?

A standard breakfast at Cracker Barrel costs on average, depending on the location, around $7.99-$10.99. However, the prices may vary based on additional ingredients or side dishes that are added to the order.

To give a clearer picture of how much breakfast would cost at Cracker Barrel, here is a table with actual data:

Breakfast Item Price Range
Grandpa’s Country Fried Breakfast $9.99 – $12.69
Double Meat Breakfast $9.49 – $11.79
Smokehouse Breakfast $9.39 – $11.49
Sunrise Sampler $9.79 – $11.99

It’s worth noting that some locations offer regional specials that differ from these prices and menu items.

For those looking to save some money while still enjoying a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel, adding minor modifications like sharing meals or opting out of pricey sides can make a significant difference in the final bill.

Another suggestion is to take advantage of any coupons or promotions provided by Cracker Barrel through their website or loyalty program. This will allow customers to access discounts and deals exclusive to them, ultimately saving even more money while still enjoying all that the restaurant has to offer.

Overall, Cracker Barrel offers delicious and affordable breakfast options for many budgets, making it an excellent choice for a quick bite before starting the day’s activities.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the only way to save money on Cracker Barrel breakfast is by stealing the little packets of jam and syrup.

Are there any deals or discounts available for breakfast at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel currently offers a variety of breakfast options with reasonable prices. If you are looking to save more, there are some deals and discounts available.

  • Weekday breakfast specials from $4.99
  • Free coffee refills on dine-in meals
  • Kids eat free on Tuesday’s with the purchase of an adult entree
  • Limited-time offers throughout the year, such as a free stack of pancakes on National Pancake Day
  • Joining Cracker Barrel’s exclusive rewards program CB Old Country Store® that offers exclusive discounts and rewards.

In addition to these cheap and enticing deals, Cracker Barrel also serves quality food ingredients rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins. However, it is worth noting that the prices vary by location.

A true fact is that according to QSR Magazine’s annual ranking reports published in 2021, Cracker Barrel ranks eighth among full-service restaurants in America for sales growth.

Find the nearest Cracker Barrel to satisfy your breakfast cravings before you end up eating your own arm.

Cracker Barrel Near By Locations

To quickly locate a nearby Cracker Barrel for breakfast, you may wonder how to find a Cracker Barrel location nearby. Fortunately, several popular Cracker Barrel locations cater to breakfast lovers. We’ll introduce you to these popular locations for breakfast in this section.

How to find a Cracker Barrel location nearby?

To locate a Cracker Barrel restaurant in your vicinity, explore their website to use the “Find Us” button or access it via GPS on your phone. A clickable map with all the locations of the chain will appear, and you may click on the nearest one to know more about its menu and directions.

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The user-friendly interface of the website allows you to search by city or state. Not only can you get driving directions from the location you’re currently in, but also from any location change. The site provides information such as phone numbers, opening and closing times, parking areas and feedback from Yelp and Google Reviews.

Moreover, on Cracker Barrel’s mobile application, customers can find functionality that provides insights into nearby restaurants based on various criteria like proximity to a user’s current position.

Pro Tip: You can make a reservation ahead of time utilizing the application instead of waiting in long lines at peak hours.

Why settle for a boring breakfast when Cracker Barrel has locations across the country ready to give you a taste of Southern comfort food?

What are some popular Cracker Barrel locations for breakfast?

Cracker Barrel’s breakfast menu is a favorite among many. As they have several locations, it could be difficult to pick one. However, we have compiled a list of some of the popular Cracker Barrel locations where you can enjoy a delectable breakfast.

One such location is the Cracker Barrel in Nashville, Tennessee, which offers Southern-style cuisine with a dash of hospitality. The Cracker Barrels in Orlando, Florida or Branson, Missouri are also preferred spots for breakfast enthusiasts.

If you fancy dining along the coast while enjoying your hotcakes and grits, then you should head over to Newport News or Myrtle Beach. You can feast on fresh seafood delicacies along with their signature breakfast items.

Notably, Cracker Barrel was founded in 1969 by Dan Evins in Lebanon, Tennessee as a gas station and convenience store for travelers on Interstate 40. Today the chain has grown to over 600 restaurants nationwide known for its pancakes and maple syrup as well as their rocking chairs and old-fashioned general store.

If you want to keep your taste buds happy and your stomach full, head to the closest Cracker Barrel – they’ll rock your casserole.


With all the details covered, you can now confidently plan your next visit to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. From the delicious menu items to the accessible locations, Cracker Barrel has a lot to offer. Remember that their breakfast hours typically end at 11 am, so be sure to arrive early if you want to indulge in their mouth-watering breakfast options. With all said and done, what are you waiting for? Head over to Cracker Barrel and start your day the right way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the breakfast hours at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays and until 11:00 AM on weekends.

What is the price range for breakfast dishes at Cracker Barrel?

Prices for breakfast dishes at Cracker Barrel can range from $4 to $10, depending on the dish.

What type of breakfast dishes are available at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel offers a variety of breakfast dishes including pancakes, waffles, French toast, eggs, biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Does Cracker Barrel offer a breakfast menu all day long?

No, Cracker Barrel stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. After that time, the lunch and dinner menu becomes available.

Where can I find the nearest Cracker Barrel location that serves breakfast?

To find the nearest Cracker Barrel location that serves breakfast, visit the Cracker Barrel website or use the mobile app to locate a restaurant near you.

What is the nutritional value of breakfast dishes at Cracker Barrel?

The nutritional values of breakfast dishes at Cracker Barrel vary depending on the dish. However, the restaurant does provide nutritional information for its menu items on its website.
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