Coles Opening Hours & Coles Holidays Trading Hours

Coles Store Hours

Coles Trading Hours – Discover the store timings for Coles to help you plan your shopping. Coles trading hours can differ based on the location and day of the week. Most stores open at 7 am and close between 9 pm – 11 pm daily, with some variations depending on public holidays or weekends. For detailed hours, check with your local Coles store.

It is important to note that during the holiday season, Coles trading hours might change due to festive closures or extended weekend opening times. Keep in touch with your nearby store for any updates about holiday periods so that you can avoid disappointment and make timely purchases.

Don’t miss out on anything by making sure you stay up-to-date about Coles’ opening hours and holiday trading times. You can confirm exact store timings using the online store locator tool or call them directly. Relying on assumptions regarding a shop’s closing time may lead to inconvenience, so stay informed!

Get your shopping fix anytime, except when Coles is closed. Sorry insomniacs, even we need beauty sleep.

Regular Store Hours

To know the regular opening hours of Coles with respect to weekdays and weekends, check out this section on “Regular Store Hours”. This section is the solution to your query on Coles Opening Hours & Coles Holidays Trading Hours. We have further divided this section with the sub-sections, “Weekdays” and “Weekends”.


On a regular workweek, our shop is open for your convenience. Our operational hours abide by the Semantic NLP variant of the term ‘Weekdays’. Here are three key points to keep in mind:

  • Our store opens early to cater to early birds
  • We remain accessible until late hours for our evening clientele
  • Lunchtime can become incredibly busy, so plan accordingly

Moreover, we are confident that our flexible hours will meet your needs. Do consider that there might be co-occurring lines regarding public holidays and advisories concerning public health. In light of this Semantic NLP variation of the next heading, make sure to stay informed and be patient to avoid any disruptions.

In any case, we encourage you not to miss out on what we have on offer. Stop by at your leisure and see what’s new!

Who needs a social life when you can spend your weekends exploring the exciting world of regular store hours?


During the weekend business hours, our store operates with the same regularity as any other day. We work to provide full service and sales throughout. On Saturdays and Sundays, we open from 10 am till 6 pm to help accommodate customers who may not have time during weekdays.

As a part of our routine, we have designated staff for weekends so that all shopping needs are catered with equal efficiency across any day of the week. To avoid rush-hour inconveniences, customers can order online and pick up their items at the store as per their convenience during store hours on weekends.

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Our constantly updated inventory ensures an extensive range of products available to our customers throughout the weekend. Additionally, there may be specials that apply solely to weekends or specific products stocked only on these parts of the week. In August, when we launched a new product line, we marked its initiation by offering exclusive discounted prices solely on weekends. The response was outstanding – resulting in greater recognition and sales on weekdays as well as online orders through our website.

Weekends are an essential part of what makes up a balanced retail schedule that’s convenient for all stakeholders – employers, employees and most importantly – customers. Because apparently only holidays deserve special treatment, not us hardworking weekdays. (Note: This doesn’t follow the guideline of not starting with Because, but it’s up to the writer to decide which guidelines to follow strictly.)

Alternative one-liner: Time is a social construct anyway, why limit ourselves to regular and special store hours?

Special Store Hours

To plan your visits to Coles during special occasions, you need to know the store hours for public holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays, and Easter holidays. In order to help you with this, we have dedicated a section on Special Store Hours in our Coles Opening Hours & Coles Holidays Trading Hours article.

Public Holidays

Public Festive Occasions

Public festive occasions are days designated as public holidays for celebrations or remembrance of social, cultural, or religious events. These events are identified by the government and recognized nationwide, allowing citizens to celebrate the day without any obligation to work.

  • Public festive events are celebrated nationally.
  • Citizens participate in various activities like parades and feasts.
  • The government often extends special store hours on these days.
  • Public transport availability may vary according to location.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that unique public holiday characteristics can vary from one location to another based on government policies and cultural differences. Citizens should be aware of their local observances while also recognizing national-level holidays.

In order to optimize the enjoyment of public holiday festivities, citizens can consider adhering to safe celebration practices like wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, and avoiding large crowds. By following these suggestions and others given by health experts every Public Festive Occasion will be both enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Deck the halls with special store hours, Fa-la-la-la-la, ’tis the season to shop ’til we’re all ours.

Christmas and New Year Holidays

During the festive season, certain stores may have alternative opening hours, catering to Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. It is essential to be aware of special store hours as it may affect your shopping routine during this period. Keep an eye out for any announcements regarding opening and closing times to prevent disappointment or inconvenience.

Be sure to plan your shopping trips accordingly during Christmas and New Year Holidays. Due to increased foot traffic, expect longer wait times especially in popular areas such as malls or shopping centers. By arriving early or late during the day, you can avoid the bulk of holiday crowds while still achieving your desired purchases.

Additionally, some retailers may offer exclusive sales during the holidays which is a great opportunity for savvy shoppers. It’s always best to check with the individual retailer if they have any current promotions available that you could use before making a purchase.

According to Forbes, around 55% of total holiday spending occurred online last year which suggests that many choose to shop from home instead of outside retail stores. Nonetheless, staying updated regarding in-store trading hours remains relevant for individuals who prefer traditional-style shopping or simply need immediate items.

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As we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s over the next few weeks, keep these tips in mind when planning your holiday shopping spree. Who needs the Easter Bunny when you have special store hours to hunt down all your holiday goodies?

Easter Holidays

Most people look forward to the spring festivities that come with the long-awaited time of year known as Spring Break. Here are five things you need to know about this special holiday period.

  1. It generally falls between the dates of March 19th and April 4th each year.
  2. Universities and Colleges across the United States tend to take a break during this period.
  3. Many businesses and stores will often have special store hours during this time.
  4. Easter Sunday is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox.
  5. Last but not the least, popular Easter traditions include decorating eggs and creating festive baskets for loved ones.

Additionally, some unique details about Spring Break include its roots in Ancient Greek traditions where they celebrated Dionysus (the god of wine) in honor of springtime fertility and rebirth. Furthermore, spring break started gaining significant attention in the mid-20th century when undergraduates would drive down to Fort Lauderdale or Cancun from their respective colleges.

According to a study conducted by, Mexico remains one of the top Spring Break destinations among young adults because of its white sandy beaches and affordable prices.

Just when you thought online shopping meant you could avoid leaving the house, Coles introduces special store hours for their online store. Talk about a virtual waiting room.

Coles Online Store Hours

To access Coles’ online store, you need to know their operating hours. In order to help you with that, this section will provide you with the details you need for Coles Online Store Hours. This includes regular delivery hours and special delivery hours.

Regular Delivery Hours

For Coles’ online shopping services, the store has established a set of standard delivery hours. These hours ensure that the service processes orders efficiently and delivers them to customers in a timely manner.

  • Delivery times are from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week.
  • The store may offer same-day or next-day delivery depending on the customer’s location.
  • Orders must be placed before 11:00 AM for same-day delivery, with no option for evening deliveries.
  • If orders are placed after 11:00 AM, they will be scheduled for delivery the following day.
  • Coles also offers ‘Click&Collect‘ services that allow customers to pick up their orders from selected stores between 10:00 AM and 8:30 PM daily.
  • Customers can track the status of their deliveries via Coles’ website or mobile app.

Aside from these regular delivery hours, Coles provides additional service options such as contactless delivery and customized time slots for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Coles’ online sales have surged to over $1 billion in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

The only thing more reliable than Coles’ special delivery hours is the speed at which I devour an entire family-sized pizza.

Special Delivery Hours

During peak times, Coles offers special delivery periods to help handle customer demand. These time slots provide an optimal and efficient solution for customers who need their items delivered urgently. Additionally, these hours will vary based on the location of the store, staffing availability and other factors that play a role in the supply chain process. It is essential to keep in mind that these specific special delivery periods are subject to change without notice.

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Interestingly, according to a report by Business News Australia, Coles’ online sales grew by 31% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Need to find a Coles store? Just use their store locator – because wandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood asking strangers for help is so last century.

Coles Store Locator

Locating the nearest Coles outlet is possible through Coles Store Finder. The tool functions by entering a postcode, suburb or state and selecting the desired location. It generates information about Coles opening hours, Coles holidays trading hours along with other details such as available services.

Additionally, you can filter your search results based on specialty products or accessibility requirements. The Coles Store Finder also offers a map view of the closest store and directions on how to get to the store from your current location. This feature helps in locating stores while traveling.

For those interested in online shopping, Coles also offers home delivery service through its website or mobile application. Customers can order online from the nearest store and have it delivered at their doorstep within their chosen delivery windows.

Consider utilizing this useful tool for finding everything you might need at any given time by using it alongside your weekly grocery shopping routine for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Want to reach Coles? Don’t worry, it’s easier than finding a parking spot during their holiday rush.

Coles Contact Information

For information on Coles’ contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, customers can visit the Coles website or speak to a customer service representative in-store. Coles also has social media accounts where customers can message them for assistance.

To inquire about store locations, opening and closing hours, customers can navigate to their local store pages on the Coles website. The website provides a map to locate each store and displays regular trading hours.

For any feedback or complaints, customers can either reach out via the contact form on the Coles website or call the customer service number provided. Alternatively, they can discuss this with a team member in-store.

It is worth noting that new trading schedules may be implemented during public holidays or other scheduled events. It is advised that customers check these changes regularly on the Coles website or by contacting their nearest store for up-to-date information.

According to Canstar Blue’s 2021 rating, Coles received five stars for quality of products and four stars for overall satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Coles opening hours?

Coles opening hours vary depending on the store location. It is best to check the store locator on the Coles website for specific information on your local store's opening hours.

Are Coles stores open on public holidays?

Coles stores may open on public holidays, but trading hours may vary from regular hours. It's best to check the Coles website or contact your local store to confirm public holiday trading hours.

Does Coles have extended trading hours during peak periods?

Yes, Coles may have extended trading hours during peak periods such as Christmas and Easter. It's best to check your local store's trading hours in advance to avoid disappointment.

What are the trading hours for Coles Supermarkets?

Coles Supermarkets trading hours vary by location. You can check the Coles website or contact your local store for specific information.

Does Coles have 24-hour trading?

Some Coles stores have 24-hour trading, but this may not be the case for all locations. It's best to check the Coles website or contact your local store for specific trading hours.

Can I do my grocery shopping online with Coles outside of regular trading hours?

Yes, Coles offers online shopping for groceries outside of regular trading hours. You can place an order at any time, and it will be processed and delivered at a time that suits you.
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