How to Cancel Massage Envy Subscription – Easy Step-by-Step Guide

So, you might be wondering what’s going on with Massage Envy and COVID-19, right? Well, I checked out their website, and it didn’t have much info about what they’re doing during the pandemic. I even called a few of their locations, but all I got was a recording with an email address. Not very helpful, right?

Anyway, I decided to send them an email, and guess what? They replied! They asked for my membership info and said they wanted to help me out. Now, I’m not a member anymore, so I’m not sure what kind of help they meant, but they seemed pretty eager to assist.

I’ve heard that some other Massage Envy places have stopped charging membership fees during the shutdown. But here’s the thing: it seems like it depends on where you live and which Massage Envy you go to. So, here’s the deal – if you want to know what’s up with your local Massage Envy and COVID-19, just give them a call or shoot them an email. They should be able to fill you in on what’s happening.

How to Cancel Your Massage Envy Membership

Hey there! So, you might have heard that canceling a Massage Envy membership can be a bit tricky. I had some concerns too when I decided to cancel mine, even though I had been happy with the facials I got there (they helped with my acne scars!). But times change, and I wanted a break, especially since my favorite esthetician had moved on.

Now, if you’re still in that first-year contract, canceling is a bit more of a challenge than if you’re on a month-to-month plan. Here’s what you need to know:

1. If You’re Still in the First Year:

  • Massage Envy memberships typically last for one year, and after that, they continue on a month-to-month basis.
  • If you’re still in that first year, canceling is a bit tougher. You’ll have to show proof that you’ve moved more than 24 miles away from where you lived when you signed up. Or, you can get a written statement from your doctor saying that you can’t get massages anymore. They might also consider other reasons, but it’s up to them to decide.
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So, it can be a bit of a hassle, especially in that first year, but with the right proof or a doctor’s note, you should be able to cancel your Massage Envy membership. Good luck!

My Easy Experience Cancelling Massage Envy

So, let me tell you about my super-easy experience cancelling my Massage Envy membership. Lucky for me, I was already past that first-year contract period.

Step 1: Getting Prepared First things first, I dug up my Massage Envy contract. It’s a good idea to gather as much info about your account as you can, like your membership number if you can find it. But don’t worry too much if you can’t.

Step 2: Making the Call Next, I gave my Massage Envy location a ring and asked how to cancel. I was a bit nervous, thinking they might try to talk me into staying. But guess what? The receptionist just asked for my membership number, checked my account, and told me they’d email me a PDF form to fill out and send back.

I was seriously surprised at how simple the call was. There was no pushy sales talk trying to keep me onboard, and the receptionist didn’t even ask why I wanted to cancel!

Step 3: Filling Out the Form When I got the document, I was relieved to see that it didn’t have a million questions asking why I was cancelling. There were only five multiple-choice survey questions and one spot for me to explain why I was leaving. Not bad at all!

I shot the completed form back to them via email on a Saturday. By the following Tuesday, they called me to confirm the cancellation and tell me when my membership would officially end. It was surprisingly hassle-free!

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Timing Matters Now, here’s something you should know. Cancelling a Massage Envy membership isn’t instant. You’ve got to keep an eye on the timing.

Massage Envy says it takes up to ten days to process your cancellation after you email them the form. So, don’t wait until the day before your next bill before cancelling. You might still get charged.

After they process your cancellation form, they give you 60 days to use up any leftover credits. I didn’t even know I had any credits, so it was nice to have some extra time to use them. That’s why I waited a few days before sending in the forms, to give myself the most time to use my credits. But of course, I made sure I wasn’t within ten days of my next billing date to avoid getting charged for another whole month. Easy peasy!

In Conclusion: A Smooth Cancellation Experience

To sum it all up, I was seriously relieved that canceling my Massage Envy membership turned out to be a breeze, especially after hearing some pretty scary stories online. It looks like Massage Envy has made things simpler for cancellation, at least for those of us who’ve passed that first-year contract period. But remember, your experience might be different, depending on the specific Massage Envy location you deal with, since they’re independently owned franchises.

While it would have been super convenient to cancel online, my overall experience with canceling Massage Envy was pretty darn smooth. So, if you’re thinking about canceling, don’t stress too much – it might not be as tough as you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Massage Envy subscription?

You can cancel your Massage Envy subscription by calling the customer service number provided on their website or by visiting a nearby Massage Envy location.

What information do I need to cancel my Massage Envy subscription?

You will need your membership number and some personal information, such as your name and address, to cancel your Massage Envy subscription.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

No, Massage Envy does not typically charge a cancellation fee for ending your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription online?

No, you cannot cancel your Massage Envy subscription online. You must either call the customer service number or visit a nearby location in person to cancel.

Is there a deadline for canceling my subscription?

While there is no specific deadline for canceling, it is recommended that you cancel at least 30 days before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for another month.
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