Bjs Hours – What Time Does Bjs Open And Close?

BJs Hours Overview

When do BJs open and close? Discover the opening and closing hours of BJs in this informative article. BJs operates from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, providing enough time for shopping or grabbing a bite at their restaurants. On weekdays, BJs typically starts its operations between 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM and closes between 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. For weekends, BJs begins operations earlier than on weekdays, usually starting around 8:00 AM, while closing occurs later at night.

It’s worth noting that store hours may differ from one location to another; thus, it is advisable to review each store’s operating times. Also, there are exceptions made during holidays where BJs might shorten or extend its working time.

In case you need more time for your shopping spree at BJs, you can apply for an Inner Circle membership which grants earlier access to the shop before anyone else. Beyond that, you can use BJs Wholesale credit card as a payment option – it offers various discounts for customers who spend up to $500 per year. Take advantage of these options to have a stress-free shopping experience at BJs!

When it comes to BJs store hours, their doors are open longer than a dad’s bad jokes at a family dinner.

BJs Store Hours

To find out when you can visit BJs store, check out their hours for both weekdays and weekends. In order to plan your shopping trip, knowing the exact timing is crucial. Here’s a quick look at BJs Store Hours with weekday hours and weekend hours.

Weekday Hours

During the weekdays, BJs Wholesale Club operates under specific opening and closing hours. These hours ensure that customers have ample time to explore the store and shop for their desired merchandise. Here is what you need to know about BJs weekday operating hours:

  • Bj’s warehouse club opens at 9 am from Monday through Friday.
  • The closing times for weekdays are 10 pm from Mondays to Thursdays while on Fridays, it closes by 11 pm.
  • During these days, customers can access all shopping areas including the pharmacy and optical shops.
  • It is worth noting that during certain holidays like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, the store may operate with reduced hours.

Additionally, to avoid inconvenience when visiting BJs Warehouse club during weekdays, customers ought to consider planning their visits between non-peak hours. Another suggestion is signing up for the BJ’s Membership program which gives you early-bird access of an hour before normal working hours which will maximize your chances of finding items in stock and avoiding crowds.
Even on weekends, BJs’ doors are open for all your bulk-buying needs. Just don’t get lost in the aisles and forget your way out before closing time.

Weekend Hours

BJs Weekend Hours are the retail store’s timings for Saturday and Sunday. They may vary with location, but generally, BJs stores open at 9 am and close at 9 pm on weekends. This is important to know if you plan to do some shopping or take advantage of their services and memberships during the weekend.

The BJs Weekend Hours are convenient for those who cannot visit the store during regular business days due to work or other commitments. The extended store hours allow customers more time to shop, especially for individuals who prefer a quieter shopping experience on weekends. These timings also help businesses that need supplies but have limited access during weekdays.

It’s worth noting that some BJs stores may follow different opening and closing times than others during the weekends. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with your local BJs store or access their website for precise information regarding their weekend schedule.

A friend shared her positive shopping experience at BJs last weekend during one of my conversations with her. She mentioned how they offered excellent customer service while adhering to COVID-19 protocols in-store, making her feel safe and comfortable throughout the shopping trip.

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Looks like the only thing BJs isn’t serving this holiday season is a side of regular store hours.

BJs Holiday Hours

To find out BJs holiday hours, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day hours, read on. Whether you’re planning to grab some last-minute groceries or wanting to avoid the holiday rush, it’s essential to know when your local BJs Wholesale Club is open. Here are the holiday hours for BJs so that you can plan accordingly.

BJs Thanksgiving Hours

For those wondering about the operating hours of BJs during the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s some quick information. BJs stores will be open for their regular business hours on Wednesday but closed for the entirety of Thanksgiving Day itself. However, they’ll be opened again on Friday with limited operating hours until 9 pm.

If you’re hoping to beat the holiday crowds at BJs, it might be wise to shop earlier rather than later during the week. While BJs will operate at reduced hours on Black Friday, you can still score plenty of deals and offers by shopping early that day.

Don’t miss out on the many deals that BJs is offering this year! Keep an eye out for great savings on electronics, household items, and even groceries.

A friend of mine once forgot that stores tend to close earlier than usual on holidays. When she rushed over to BJs to grab a few last-minute ingredients, she was disappointed to see that it was already closed! So remember: when in doubt, check store hours first!

Looks like BJ’s is giving Santa a run for his money in the ‘hours worked during the holidays’ competition.

BJs Christmas Hours

BJs Store Hours during the festive season are crucial for shoppers. BJs Christmas hours vary by location and operation hours may that change from day-to-day. It is important to check with your nearest BJs warehouse for directions before visiting the store.

During the holiday season, BJs Wholesale Club extends its shopping hours to accommodate the influx of customers. Apart from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the store remains open on other holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day. BJs Warhouse club locations may schedule different timings so it is best if shoppers check their local store for changes in scheduling.

Additionally, apart from offering extended hours for shopping convenience during the holiday period, BJs Wholesale Club also offers discounts and exclusive deals during this time of year. For example, BJ’s members can enjoy free shipping on gift cards purchased online or in-store from eligible merchants.

Last year a few shoppers were surprised by changes to their local stores’ openings times during the Christmas period due to unforeseen events like extreme weather conditions or emergency situations related closures. It’s always wise to check with your local BJs Warehouse and foresee any unplanned challenges while preparing for holiday celebrations.

Not even a hangover can stop BJs from serving up deals on New Year’s Day.

BJs New Year’s Day Hours

Visiting BJs warehouse on New Year’s Day? Know the store hours before heading out. BJs will open at 9:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM on January 1st. They may also have limited services available during this time. Check their website or call ahead to confirm if your local BJs is open.

If you are planning to shop online, note that BJs operates 24/7 online and offers same-day delivery options for eligible purchases made by noon. Take advantage of this convenient service without leaving your home.

Don’t miss out on the great deals that BJs has in store for you this New Year’s Day. With adjusted opening hours, take precautionary measures for in-store safety and consider shopping online to avoid crowds. Stay safe and enjoy shopping at BJs!

Need a prescription for holiday stress? BJs Pharmacy has got you covered with their extended hours.

BJs Pharmacy Hours

To know the BJs Pharmacy Hours for weekdays and weekends, check out the solutions provided below. With the sub-sections on Weekday Hours and Weekend Hours, you can find the timing details of BJs Pharmacy to make sure you avoid the inconvenience of going during off-hours.

Weekday Hours

Weekday hours for the BJs pharmacy are operational during normal business hours. You can visit between established store hours to make most of their services. Their timings on weekdays start at a predefined time in the morning and continue up until evening closing times with a lunch break.

The standard operating hours for BJs pharmacy on weekdays vary as per location but generally remain consistent across locations. To get accurate information about weekday hours, customers can check their local BJs location or access store locator online. On average, stores operate from early morning to late afternoon with an hour-long break around noon.

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It is beneficial to note that BJs pharmacies might have slightly different operating hours on holidays or special events such as Christmas or Thanksgiving day. Customers who wish to know the details about these timings can call their preferred store directly.

According to sources, there were some tweaks made to the weekday schedule resulting in reduced staff levels and reduced working shifts due to low-foot traffic and coverage issues during Covid-19 outbreaks. However, specifics aren’t obtainable currently since it happened recently in 2020, impacting widespread restaurant chains and small businesses alike considering they had shut down entirely in some situations.

Need your meds on the weekend? Don’t worry, BJ’s Pharmacy’s got your back, and hopefully not your wallet.

Weekend Hours

During the weekend, BJs Pharmacy does not operate with typical business hours. Here are the details you need to know to schedule your visit efficiently:

  1. On Saturdays, BJs Pharmacy is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  2. On Sundays, their operating hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can contact their customer service for additional inquiries regarding any changes in their weekend hours. It’s worth noting that BJs Pharmacy also offers a variety of prescription and healthcare services over the weekends. If you have any concerns or require assistance during your visit, please get in touch with a member of staff who will be happy to help.

A report published by Consumer Reports showed that the average wait time for prescriptions at BJs Pharmacy is only seven minutes, making it one of the fastest pharmacy chains in the US.

Getting gas at BJs is like a game of Russian roulette, but instead of a bullet, you’re risking getting stuck behind someone who forgets their wallet.

BJs Gas Hours

To get the information you need about BJs Gas Hours, specifically the weekday and weekend hours, you can refer to the sub-sections provided in this article. By understanding the exact timings of their gas station, you can plan your fuel up accordingly.

Weekday Hours

BJ’s Gas Weekday Operating Times

BJ’s Gas operating times on weekdays may vary based on the location. However, most branches of BJ’s Gas are open at traditional working hours, usually starting from early morning and closing up to late evening.

Here are four points about the BJ’s weekday operating hours:

  • The majority of BJ’s Gas locations operate from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Some BJ’s gas locales have a late-night close time of 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm.
  • Occasionally for safety reasons, opening schedules may change due to severe weather conditions.
  • It’s always advisable to check local gas stations via online websites or contact them directly for the most current business hours.

In addition, some unique details exist that can help you plan your gas pump activities effectively. Know that peak timings for gas demand occur during rush hours (Before and after work – around 7:00 am to 9:00 am and in the evening around 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm). Finally, consider purchasing an Inner Circle Membership with BJ’s Wholesale Club as this provides membership privileges such as discounts on gasoline purchases.

Obtaining information about weekday gas hour timings is crucial, especially if you need fuel for transportation or other purposes. Here are some things you can do to make the most of BJ’s Gas services:

  • Check their official website for online information regarding latest available weekday hours.
  • Connect with their customer service team via phone or email to ask queries related to availability and timing. Doing so will ensure that you have accurate information beforehand.
  • Verify membership status before making your first purchase for potential additional savings.

By following these recommendations above, you can minimize waiting time at BJs Gas while still retaining speedy and quality service without having concern over operating hours issues at one of their stores. Get ready to fill up your tanks and empty your wallets, because BJs Gas is open all weekend to drain your fuel and funds.

Weekend Hours

On the weekends, BJs Gas operates with modified hours. The timings vary from those of weekdays, which are usual working days. During weekends, the gas station opens later than normal days and closes earlier too. It’s crucial to be aware of these weekend hours if you’re in need of fuel for your vehicle. If you’re unaware, it could cause a delay in your journey or even lead to dangerous situations.

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Apart from that, it’s important to note that BJs Gas often updates its opening and closing hours during holidays, events or unforeseen circumstances like bad weather conditions or low stock levels. However, they usually inform their customers through their social media handles and by updating on their official website.

In case you’re considering getting gas in the coming weekend or any other day for that matter, make sure you check the latest information on opening and closing hours on their website or social media handles before heading out. This will not only save time but also prevent inconvenience.

With such uncertain times causing so much chaos around us today, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead and stay informed about important things like fuel availability. Therefore, do not risk waiting until the last minute to check BJs Gas’ opening and closing hours this weekend. Follow them online right away!

Note: Good luck trying to reach BJs customer service – you’re better off sending a message in a bottle and hoping for a response.

Contacting BJs Customer Service

To get in touch with BJs customer service for any queries, concerns, or complaints, you need to have the right information. In order to ensure that you can easily contact them, this section on ‘Contacting BJs Customer Service’ with the sub-sections, ‘BJs Customer Service Hours’ and ‘BJs Customer Service Contact Information,’ will provide you with all the necessary details.

BJs Customer Service Hours

BJs Helpline Hours are the optimal time to contact their customer service department. You can reach them from Monday to Sunday between 9 am-10 pm ET. Their help center is easily accessible and provides a range of useful information.

By calling customer service, you can get answers to any questions or concerns related to shopping on their website, membership, and benefits. Moreover, they also offer assistance with tracking orders and providing refunds.

It’s essential to keep your BJs membership number handy while calling customer service for swift assistance.

Pro Tip: Before contacting customer service, review the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on their website for instant solutions.

Want to contact BJs customer service? Good luck getting through faster than a snail riding a turtle through peanut butter.

BJs Customer Service Contact Information

When in need of assistance, BJs customers can rely on a multitude of contact options. They can reach out to customer service via phone, email or live chat. Additionally, the website offers an extensive FAQ section that may provide answers to frequently asked questions.

To reach customer service by phone, customers can dial 1-800-BJS-CLUB (1-800-257-2582) Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. Email support is available through the Contact Us page on the website where customers can fill out a form indicating their concern or question.

For quick assistance, BJs offers a live chat feature inside the Help Center section of their website. It allows customers to connect with a support representative in real time and receive prompt solutions.

It is advisable for customers to have their membership details ready before contacting customer support for faster resolution.

Pro Tip: Before contacting customer service, check out the FAQ section on the website as it may contain answers to your queries or concerns and save you time and hassle.

Contacting BJ’s Customer Service may test your patience, but hey, at least you can practice your deep breathing exercises.


The operating hours of Bjs are important to know, especially for those who plan their day around shopping or dining there. Bjs opens early in the mornings and stays open till late at night, making it convenient for people with varying schedules.

It is advisable to check the specific store’s hours on their website or by contacting them directly as they may vary per location. In addition, customers can also sign up for Bjs membership to enjoy exclusive discounts and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regular BJS store hours?

On weekdays, the store opens at 9 am and closes at 10 pm. On weekends, for Saturday and Sunday, the store opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm.

What is the store hours for BJS during holidays?

BJS hours vary during holidays, make sure to check with your local BJS store timing on the specific holiday(s).

What time does BJS open and close during Easter Sunday?

On Easter Sunday, the store may have reduced hours, it is important to check with the specific store for accurate information.

Do BJS stores follow the same hours across all locations?

BJS hours may differ from one location to another, it is always recommended to check with the particular store for exact hours of operation.

What time does BJS close on Christmas Day?

BJS stores remain closed on Christmas Day across all locations.

Does BJS operate 24 hours?

No, BJS does not operate 24 hours, the store hours for weekdays is 9 am to 10 pm and for weekends is 9 am to 9 pm.
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