10 Best Free Nutrition Apps to Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Have you ever wondered about those apps that can help you keep track of your food and exercise? Well, they’re like little helpers on your phone that can tell you about the food you eat and how it affects your body. Some of these apps can even talk to your fitness gadgets and other apps to help you reach your exercise goals. So, whether you want to shed some pounds or just want to eat better, let’s find out about the top nutrition apps from 2020!

Why Do People Use Nutrition Apps?

Okay, so why would anyone want to use these apps? Well, they are like your food and health buddies. They can tell you how many calories are in your meals, which is super important if you’re trying to lose weight or simply stay healthy. Plus, they can share info about all sorts of foods, so you can make smarter choices.

Keeping an Eye on Your Workouts

But wait, there’s more! Some of these apps can also talk to your exercise gadgets and apps. So, if you’re using a fitness watch or another exercise app, your nutrition app can team up with them. That way, you can see how your food and workouts are working together to keep you fit.

Best Nutrition Apps of 2020

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. What were the best nutrition apps in 2020? Here’s the scoop:

  1. MyFitnessPal: This app is like a food diary. You can write down what you eat, and it’ll tell you how many calories are in it.
  2. Lose It!: This one helps you set goals and track what you eat and how much you exercise.
  3. Cronometer: It’s great for people who want to know all the details about the vitamins and minerals in their food.
  4. Yazio: Yazio can create a personalized meal plan just for you, based on your goals.
  5. Nutrients: If you’re curious about what’s in your food, Nutrients can break it down for you.

So, there you have it, the top nutrition apps from 2020 that can make eating healthier and staying active a little easier!

What’s MyNetDiary, and How Does It Help?

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Imagine having a buddy on your iPhone that helps you get healthier. Well, that’s what MyNetDiary does! It’s like a magic food encyclopedia with over 800,000 foods inside. But here’s the cool part: it only keeps the good stuff and tosses out the old and weird foods.

Easy Calorie Counting

Counting calories is a breeze with MyNetDiary. It has a special book with 900 basic foods you can check out. If you have an iPhone, there’s this neat trick where you can scan the barcode on a food item in the store, and the app tells you if it’s good for you or not.

Unlock Extra Goodies

If you’re into extra details, you can go for the paid version. It gives you a daily and weekly report on how many calories you’ve eaten and burned. It even pats you on the back for what you’re doing well and gives you tips on what to do better.

Discover Fooducate – The Nutrition Info Guru

Ever wonder what’s hiding in your food? Fooducate can help! It’s like a super detective for your groceries. It checks if there are sneaky things like too much sugar or bad fats in what you’re eating. Plus, it gives your food a grade. Healthy stuff gets A’s, while not-so-healthy things get suggestions for better options.

Go Pro for More Info

If you want to dive even deeper, you can get the fancy Pro version. It tells you all about the proteins, carbs, and fiber in your food. And if you’re into special diets like low-carb or Paleo, it’s got tools for that too. No more annoying ads, and you can even track your body measurements and stuff like blood pressure.

Lifesum – Your Diet Buddy

Diets can be tricky, but Lifesum makes them easier. It’s like having a chef plan your meals. Whether you’re into Keto, Paleo, or just want to kick sugar, Lifesum has a plan for you. If you go for the premium version, you get even more diets and can sync with fitness apps.

More Than Just Calories

Sure, Lifesum can count calories and track macros like other apps. But it’s got something extra: a habit tracker. You can keep tabs on how much water you drink or how many fruits and veggies you gobble up. At the end of the week, it gives you a score on how healthy you’ve been based on 16 different health measures.

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Meet Lose It! – Your Weight Loss Sidekick

Lose It! is like your personal coach for losing weight. No matter if you’re on Whole 30, Keto, or any other diet, it helps you count calories like a pro. You can even snap a pic of your food to see how many calories are hiding in there. And if you’re old school, there’s a barcode scanner too.

Get Social and Competitive

Lose It! isn’t just about tracking; it’s also about having fun. You can connect with your fitness gadgets and apps to see how many calories you’ve burned. The premium version lets you join weight loss challenges with friends and family. Losing weight becomes a team sport!

So, there you have it, some cool apps that can help you eat better, track your food, and reach your weight goals. They’re like having a nutrition and fitness coach right in your pocket!

Why MyFitnessPal is the Best Calorie Counter App

Hey there, ever heard of MyFitnessPal? Well, it’s like having a super calorie detective right on your phone! Here’s why it’s awesome:

Food Galore

Imagine having info about over 300 million different foods at your fingertips. That’s what MyFitnessPal offers! It’s like a huge food encyclopedia. And guess what? You can even scan barcodes in the store to find out about what you’re buying. So, keeping track of what you eat is super easy.

Exercise Tracker Bonus

But hold on, there’s more! MyFitnessPal isn’t just about food. It’s also got a buddy for your workouts. It connects with over 50 other exercise apps and gadgets. That means you can see all your exercise stuff and what you eat in one place. No more bouncing between apps!

Get the Scoop on Your Progress

The app doesn’t just leave you hanging after you log your stuff. It’s like a personal coach that shows you cool charts and daily logs. It helps you see how you’re doing and gives you tips on how to reach your goals faster.

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Double the Weight Loss

Studies even say that keeping a food diary with MyFitnessPal can help you lose twice as much weight. That’s pretty amazing!

So, if you’re on a mission to get healthier and watch what you eat, MyFitnessPal is the way to go. And if you’re into tracking your goals, check out our article on the best goal tracking apps for even more help in living your best life!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 10 best free nutrition apps?

There are many free nutrition apps available, but some of the best ones include MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Fitbit, Fooducate, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, Noom, Cronometer, Nutritionix Track, and Lifesum.

2. Are these nutrition apps accurate?

These apps rely on a large database of foods and nutritional information, and they have been shown to be generally accurate. However, it's important to remember that these apps are not perfect and may not always provide precise information.

3. Can nutrition apps help me lose weight?

Yes, many of these apps can be effective tools for weight loss. They can help you track your calorie intake and monitor your progress as you work toward your goals.

4. Do I need to pay for premium features to get the most out of these apps?

While some apps offer premium features for a fee, many of the basic features of these apps are available for free. You can use them to track your nutrition, monitor your exercise, and set goals without paying anything.

5. Are these apps user-friendly?

Most of these apps are designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. They typically offer clear instructions and visual aids to help you get the most out of the app.

6. Can these apps provide personalized nutrition recommendations?

Some of these apps may offer personalized recommendations based on your goals and nutritional needs. However, it's important to remember that these recommendations may not be tailored to your specific medical history or dietary requirements.
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