Academy Sports Outdoors Hours – What Time Does Academy Close?

The Academy Sports + Outdoors Company was created to make sports and outdoor fun even better! They have about 250 stores where they keep lots of really good sports stuff. People visit these stores to find awesome camping and fishing gear, sports things, grills for barbeques, cool patio furniture, and many other great products for playing sports and having fun outside. And guess what? They sell all these amazing things at really low prices! Isn’t that cool?

What Services Does Academy Sports + Outdoors Offer?

At Academy Sports + Outdoors, they provide a bunch of helpful services to make your outdoor adventures even better. These services include:

  1. Hunting & Fishing Licenses: You can get your licenses for hunting and fishing here.
  2. Scope Mounting and Bore-Sighting: They help you set up your scopes and make sure your gun is aimed correctly.
  3. Line Spooling: They can put new fishing line on your reel.
  4. Propane Exchange: If you need propane for your grill, they’ve got you covered.
  5. Electronic Driving Range and Putting Green: Some stores even have places where you can practice your golf swings!
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And the best part is, all of these services are done by trained and experienced people who really know what they’re doing. They have a dedicated team of professionals to help you out.

Important Update About COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, the hours when Academy Sports + Outdoors is open might change a bit, or sometimes they might have to close temporarily due to safety rules. To get the most up-to-date information about their hours and services during the pandemic, you can check their local website.

During the pandemic, Academy Sports + Outdoors has also adjusted their store hours to give their staff extra time to clean and restock the shelves. Some stores even have special hours just for people who are at higher risk from the virus.

When Is Academy Sports + Outdoors Open?

Here are their regular opening and closing times:

  • Monday to Friday: They open at 8:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM.
  • Saturday: Same as weekdays, they open at 8:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM.
  • Sunday: They open a little later, at 9:00 AM, and close at 9:30 PM.

So, yes, they are open on Sundays!

When Does Academy Sports + Outdoors Close?

Usually, they close at 10:00 PM. So, if you need something in the evening, you can visit them before that time.

A Look into Academy Sports + Outdoors’ History

Academy Sports + Outdoors has a pretty cool history that they can be proud of. Way back in 1938, they opened their very first store. But guess what? It wasn’t always a sports and outdoor store! Nope, in the beginning, it started as a tire shop. After a little while, it became a famous place to get military surplus stuff. And then, it didn’t stop there! In just a few years, they started selling all sorts of outdoor and sports equipment. That’s when the Academy Sports + Outdoors brand really took off!

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Now, they’ve grown a lot. They’ve got 250 stores in 16 different states. And they have a big team of about 23,000 people working for them, and it keeps getting bigger!

When Academy Sports + Outdoors Is Open on Holidays

Academy Sports + Outdoors loves to celebrate holidays with you. On these holidays, they keep their doors open for you to shop and have fun:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Day after Christmas
  • New Year’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve

When Academy Sports + Outdoors Takes a Holiday Break

But, like everyone, they also take some days off to relax and celebrate with their families. So, on these holidays, they are closed:

  • Christmas Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day

Finding an Academy Sports + Outdoors Store Near You

If you’re wondering where the nearest Academy Sports + Outdoors store is, don’t worry! They have a store locator on their website that can help you find the one closest to you. Just type in your location, and it will show you the way to your outdoor adventure!

Why You Can Trust Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors is a company you can totally trust, and here’s why. They have two main things they’re great at: products and services.

Awesome Products for Every Sport and Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to products, they’ve got pretty much everything you need for playing sports or enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re into fishing, hiking, camping, or sports like basketball, football, and volleyball, they’ve got you covered. You can find all the right clothing, gear, and accessories right in their stores.

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And wait, there’s more! They even have a fan shop where you can get official gear from top sports leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and more. So, you can show your support for your favorite teams in style!

What You Should Know About Academy Sports + Outdoors

Here are some key facts that make Academy Sports + Outdoors stand out:

1. Customer Satisfaction is Their Priority: They’ve always believed in making their customers super happy. That’s why they never compromise on the quality of their products and services. They team up with big brands like Nike, Crocs, Adidas, Proform, Smith & Wesson, and many more. This means you get top-notch stuff every time you shop with them.

2. They Have a Super Team: Academy Sports + Outdoors takes their team seriously. They look for people who are really good at what they do and have lots of experience. They also want their team members to be responsible, punctual, and super precise in their work. So, when you get their services, you know you’re in good hands.

With Academy Sports + Outdoors, you can always count on quality products and a team that knows their stuff. That’s why people love them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Academy Sports Outdoors close?

Academy Sports Outdoors typically closes at 9:30 PM from Monday to Saturday and at 8:00 PM on Sundays.

Do Academy Sports Outdoors hours vary by location?

Yes, Academy Sports Outdoors hours may vary by location. It is recommended that you check the hours of the specific store you plan to visit.

What are Academy Sports Outdoors store hours during holidays?

Academy Sports Outdoors typically adjusts their hours during holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. It is recommended that you check with your local store for their holiday hours.

What is the earliest time that Academy Sports Outdoors opens?

Academy Sports Outdoors typically opens at 8:30 AM from Monday to Saturday and at 9:30 AM on Sundays.

Is Academy Sports Outdoors open on Sundays?

Yes, Academy Sports Outdoors is open on Sundays. However, the store hours may be different from their weekday hours, usually from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

What time does Academy Sports Outdoors open on holidays?

The opening hours of Academy Sports Outdoors on holidays may vary by location. It is recommended that you check with your local store to confirm their holiday hours.
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